Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do not be afraid

Do not be afraid. You must be mindful. Open up, be helpful within your community. Limit finding fault, judge not others. Look at others openly to see their true self. SMILE often, laugh. Trust in yourself. Believe as you know you can. Set goals, be determined. Finish what you begin - unfinished work clutters the mind, occupies your thoughts and weighs you down. As you clean your house, clean your mind. Focus on the task and relate it to something that is troubling you. A clean house equates to a clean mind and a fresh spirit. Find harmony.

This is only the first steps of a long new journey. Seek others and communicate, do not shun away but embrace what they reveal to you. Take it slow, there is no rush. Build a solid firm foundation out of knowledge. Study and grow through both mind and spirit. You must find what you lost. Find your inner peace. Keep it with you always. Make the best of what you have emotionally and the rest will come or it won't matter. Find your spirit, embrace it and there is where you will always find happiness and joy!

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